French Centre for British Studies
(Centre de Recherches en Civilisation Britannique)

The CRECIB is the national network of researchers specialising in British studies in France.

The Centre was founded in the 1970s, as British history and institutions began being taught in the English departments of French universities. Today, the CRECIB has about 200 members, including researchers, lecturers, and PhD students working in universities and research centres, both in France and abroad.

The CRECIB covers all aspects of British studies, including politics, history and economics, as well as social, cultural and international studies. Its work relates to all geographical and cultural areas, and all periods of British history, with a particular concentration on contemporary issues.

Among its activities, the CRECIB runs several scientific workshops on British studies, at the annual congress of the Société des Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur, the learned society for all teachers in higher education and researchers working in the field of English and the English-speaking world. Every other year, the CRECIB organises a major international congress on an interdisciplinary subject of British Studies. It also finances numerous symposia and study days, and awards an annual prize for the best PhD in British studies. The CRECIB publishes the French Journal of British Studies, a scientific journal which has several issues each year, on specific themes. The CRECIB aims to federate research in British studies and to promote this field, in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way. It aims at connecting French and international researchers who specialize in work on Britain and the UK, at developing synergies between specialists of British studies and researchers in the human and social sciences, and stimulating research projects that bring dynamism and visibility to this field of ​​research. Finally, the CRECIB seeks to provide the general public with clear scientific expertise on a wide range of past and present issues relating to the “British world”.

We hope that this site will both act as a key link between researchers in all aspects of British studies, as well as being a showcase for the richness of French research in this field. Welcome to the CRECIB website!

Gilles Leydier
President of the CRECIB