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Since its creation, the journal has been the most tangible expression of the CRECIB’s work. Over the years, it has become a key reference in the field of British studies.

The journal has an average of four issues per year, which are published on-line on the, Internet platform. Paper issues of the journal are also published on special issues, relative to teacher qualification exams, and as tributes to persons or events. Articles are submitted anonymously for review to two referees, as well as to the editor of specific issues, to guarantee the scientific quality of the review.

The themes covered in special subject dossiers published by the journal over the last four decades reflect the very wide range of CRECIB members’ research interests, and provide a faithful reflection of the evolution of research over the years. The RFCB is at the crossroads of methodological approaches and scientific inquiry, and analyses the political, cultural and societal dynamics of the British geographical area, in all its complexity and richness.

We hope you will enjoy reading the journal!

Gilles Leydier
President of CRECIB

The French Journal of British Studies is the official journal of the CRECIB, the national network of this disciplinary field and contributes to its structuring its work. The journal is open to submissions from the whole range of human and social sciences, applied to questions concerning the British geographical area. These include the study of the British Empire until its decolonisation, as well as historical studies of the modern and contemporary periods. Four issues are published each year on average. This is a research journal, and all articles are submitted to external evaluators. The journal is also used for training, especially for persons wishing to pass teacher qualification exams in France (Capes and agrégation).

John Mullen


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